For Monday: Whitman and Bello: Direct Experience of the Natural World

Hi all!

For Monday,  after reading/rereading Bello, and as much of Whitman’s Song of Myself as you can (up through at least section 15), write about the following connections by citing evidence from the texts:

How do Whitman and Bello (and Thoreau as well) view the importance of direct experience? How do Whitman and Bello’s poetic texts view the relationship between humans and non-humans? According to Whitman, Bello and Thoreau, what are the possible benefits of direct, first-hand connection with the non-human world?

Song of Myself was originally published in 1855, one year after Walden, and four years after Thoreau’s speeches from Walking.  In Whitman’s poetic vision–one that could be termed “all-embracing”–how would you characterize his perspective on nature and on modernization?  Consider reading Whitman outside as well.  How does that affect your experience of the text?

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