Creating your blog through Domain of One’s Own

Hi all!

Here are the instructions for creating your blog for the class.  We have a cool opportunity here at UMW that enables you to create your own domain for your four years here.  Your course blog will actually be a “subdomain”.  My domain is and the blog for our fsem is   I would recommend that create a domain that you could have your resume and other information so that you could show it to potential employers/internship supervisors.  For your course blog, you will create a subdomain similar to mine:  woundedplanetfsem.(whatever your domain is).com.

Here are the instructions for signing up on Domain of One’s Own:

Signing up on Domain of One’s Own

Once you have done that, you’ll need to create your subdomain for this course.  Here are the instructions to create your subdomain for the course:

Creating Subdomains and Subdirectories

Once you have created your subdomain, click on WordPress in applications.  When it asks where you want to install it, find your subdomain in the dropdown menu and click on install.

Installing WordPress

Now from your “cpanel” you will see your blog and can go into the dashboard and add posts.  When you have your subdomain established, please send me the address so that I can add the link to this site so that all 14 of your blogs are linked and you can read each other’s work and write your weekly comments.  We’ll go over this in class as well but feel free to come to me for questions and also to the great folks in the Digital Knowledge Center on the 4th floor of the Hurley Convergence Center (HCC).


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